Does your school have a protocol for stress and bullying?

This program, Get Sensational Attention (GSA) and the Home Breath, has been tested and proven effective to eliminate bullying and decrease stress in elementary schools. The program is adaptable to any school protocol used for conflict resolution, communication, and social-emotional health.

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Get Sensational Attention Program

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Catherine Rosasco-Mitchell
WTM Founder & Feldenkrais® Practitioner

Principal’s Testimony

“The Home Breath eliminated bullying school-wide… If you are going to teach anything to improve school culture and student behavior teach them the Home Breath.”

Principal Danny Garcia, Kohala Elementary School

How does “embodied awareness” have a positive effect on behavior and bullying?

When children turn attention inside their bodies sensitive reactions from external distress fades to the background. Children have an easier time than adults to find a place of peace even during unpleasant circumstances. The effect? Reactions turn into calm reflections and clear communication about what happen from them and what perceived from an other.

There are two lessons in the book, A New Sensory Self Awareness to help this process: Ho’oponopono Home, the No Place Like Home Breath. The lessons take the child through a step-by-step process of opening mind to a sense of embodied self and from there to others. If the child is from the age of four to eight years old often the perspective expands into compassion and yearning for a peaceful resolution.

What you will need for the program

Children acquainted with the spatial awareness inside and outside of their bodies.

See “Personal Bubbles Freeze Dance” lessons: Free Programs

Teachers and parents willing adapt the program as a protocol in classroom (and at home if possible).

To eliminate bullying the Principal needs to establish the program, and the Home Breath, as a school-wide protocol when under stress or in conflict.

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Personal Bubbles Freeze Dance lesson, page 50

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Ho’oponopono Home lesson, page 36