Example of What Happened after WTM 

Within 48 hours, we predicted significant changes would happen in a little boy’s behavior. It did. A kindergartner unable to listen, focus, follow directions or share his feelings all changed. It was before the eighth lesson was to begin. The boy came into the classroom and walked up to me. For the first time in seven weeks, he looked into my eye and shared. He talked about a trauma he had at school, his relationship with other boys, and his new teacher. He spoke for almost fifteen minutes. He would have said more, but I had to start class. 

 That day he was focused, listened to instructions, and to our surprise, even asked questions. With all children with ADHD symptoms, I witnessed there was an awkward movement from the waist down. Actions used were designed to bing-bong sensation to organize the flow of motion through his feet to his torso and head. When his legs became stable, graceful in action within 48 hours, his attention, eye contact, and following directions followed. He also became considerate and engaged with his peers.

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