A New Sensory Self-Awareness

Tools For Children to Feel Their Whole Self , inside and Out, From the Heart

Do your children …

                                    … not want to sit still?

… don’t know why they can’t learn?

… have a hard time explaining themselves?


Children report they can… 

            …feel how their bodies affect their minds.

            …feel how to communicate even in an emotional upheaval.

            …feel kindness, honesty and, as a result, improve their total well-being.

Help children experience a treasure within their nature, a “New SENSORY Self Awareness.”

Imagine, for a moment, seeing and understanding not solely from our brains but from the heart’s inner and outer wholeness. The book, Part I, A New Sensory Self-Awareness, was created by serendipitous discoveries with children in elementary schools and forty years of study in the nature of human development. The methods are simple, fun body games that lift children’s spirits by improving how to address their way through life. The results proved to help physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, regardless of age or condition. How? The methods are based on nature’s human body design, and finding one’s heart.

Give me more details…

Games to grow a new sense of self awareness that nourishes
integrity, kindness, and wellbeing
11   Lessons
  • An Adult Guide to Teach Children
  • Tested and Proven Effective
  • Group Lessons for Ages Five to Ten Years Old
  • Discount For Schools

After thirteen years of implementing the Wellness Through Movement, a physical education (p.e.) program the physical influence motion to affect thinking.  Lessons introduce the body to the brain like no other physical education. The method is based on the Feldenkrais work.

Through the sensation of the body perception develops. When sensation is in awareness this perception expands children’s “general wellbeing improves,” according to a parent survey.  When the mind and body work together in awareness learning, healing, and perception work better.

The book, A New Sensory Self Awareness, was written by Catherine Rosasco-Mitchell and a whole community of children, parents, and teachers from Kohala, Hawaii. Together we helped children experience  a new way of life that brings awareness to the authentic nature their inner worlds.

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Thanks to Principal Garcia, Parents, Children, and Teachers of Kohala Communities