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11 Spatial Awareness Inside and Out

A New SENSORY Self Awareness

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After thirteen years of implementing the Wellness Through Movement, a physical education (p.e.) program using movement as a physical influence to the brain, events by chance bridged the gap in children from movement as an exercise to movement as perception.   Lessons develop awareness of the embodiment inseparable from behavioral patterns.  The consciousness of the physical as perceptional expands a new sense that improves “General Wellbeing,” reports parental surveys.  When the mind and body work together in awareness learning, healing, and perception work better.

Building on the work of scholars of Moshe Feldenkrais,  Catherine Kerr, Brown University, and Stuart Mostofsky and Dav Clark at Kennedy Krieger the method evolved into using somatosensory systems to connect with cognitive behaviors.  

From scholars to parents and child counselors to third graders, lessons change movement as merely an action to a movement as cognition.    

Written by Catherine Rosasco-Mitchell and edited by Jo Piltz,  together there is 70 years experience  and studying and practicing modalities of mind-body integration and child education.

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