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Get Sensational Attention Video Program

isn’t a program, it’s a life changing skill.

“I’ll preach it until the day I die. If you are going to teach anything to improve school culture and student behavior teach them the Home Breath.”

Hear Testimony of Principal Danny Garcia,

Is the body related to cognitive and emotional processing?

For children, the physically feeling of their bodies IS the emotional and cognitive processing! (Scientific America Mind, Jan./Feb., 2011) The method in this program, Get Sensational Attention, will show you.

Here’s the programs!

PART 1 Short and Long Track

Short Track

Review Step 1 Videos

Less than 7 minute video

Minutes to Learn

REMEMBER: Children must touch where they feel the Home breath end, and keep aware of where they are touching in their body and speak from there.

Teach during a fun event before trying at a time of conflict.


This is NOT JUST about breathing or to calm the child. It’s about helping a child feel the physicalness thinks. The tangible feeling of the body helps a child clarify the well-being of the self-directed learner.

Long Track

Steps 1, 2, and 3

Build a Culture Change and Sustain Life

Learn to feel the children the continuum of the body-mind

Step 1. Intro Videos (13 minutes)

How do I change my children’s behavior?

(1:58 Minutes)
(4:19 minutes)
(6:50 minutes)

Step 2. User Guide

Help Children Find Their Treasures

(8:33 minutes)


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Find What is Missing In Education

User Guide is essential understanding how this program works.

Step 3 Animation Video

Animation Video with Segments for User Guide

Based on True Stories

Reference Book

Don’t believe your

body knows more than your brain?

Fun ways to learn how…

For Elementary Schools, Movement and Yoga Teachers, and Families

The Science

The Physical Nature to Thinking and Being

6 Body-to-Brain Strategies

Presentation at the Movement and Cognition Conference
(26:04 minutes)



Movement program for professionals in the sciences of

research, education, counseling, and holistic health to be announced.