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Get Sensational Attention

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You will engage your children into a series of questions and practices designed to increase the wellbeing and build confidence in school and home relationships. This isn’t a program, it’s a life changing skill.

Flexible Schedule and Time Commitment

Two Tracks: Short Track and Long Track

Skills Your Child Will Gain



Awareness of Self and Others


Catherine Rosasco-Mitchell,

Wellness Through Movement Founder and Feldenkrais Practitioner


“I’ll preach it until the day I die. If you are going to teach anything to improve school culture and student behavior teach them the Home Breath.”

Hear Principal Danny Garcia Testimony


For children, the physically feeling of their bodies IS the emotional and cognitive processing! (Scientific America Mind, Jan./Feb., 2011) The method in this program, Get Sensational Attention, will show you.

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Six Body-To-Brain Strategies

PART I Get Sensational Attention (GSA)

SHORT TRACK (1 – 2 hours)

LONG TRACK (5 – 6 hours )


This skill is NOT about breathing or to calm your child., though it will do that. The skill is about helping a child feel a tangible feeling that helps them clarify what is important to them.

SHORT TRACK (1-2 hours)

1. Week 1: Review Step 1 Videos ( 13 minutes)

2. Week 2: Play Personal Bubbles Freeze Dance (45 minutes)

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3. Week 3: Review Animation Video (7 minutes)

Less than 7 minute video

4. Week 4: Apply the Home Breath Daily (10 minutes)

When? Playtime, Reduce Stress, Try to Communicate, Upset

Important: When children practice finding Home they must touch where they feel the breath end inside their bodies. Ask you children to stay aware of where they are touching their bodies and let that part of them share.

Teach during a fun event before trying at a time of conflict.

LONG TRACK (5 – 6 hours)

Build a Culture Change a LifeGrow a Inner Gift

Learn to feel the oldest nature of how we learn, the continuum of the body-mind

Week 1: Intro Videos (13 minutes)

How do I change my children’s behavior?

(1:58 Minutes)
(4:19 minutes)
(6:50 minutes)

Week 2: Adult Review of User Guide (15 minutes) and Children Play Personal Bubbles Freeze Dance (45 minutes)

Help Children Find Their Treasures

(8:33 minutes)


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Find What is Missing In Education

User Guide is essential understanding how this program works.

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Week 3: Adult Reviews Animation Video and Segment 1 “Can You Hear Me? Where is Your Attention?” with Children (30 minutes)

Animation Video with Segments for User Guide

Based on a True Story

Week 4: Adult Reviews Segment 2 “Upset or Angry? Try the Home Breath” with Children (30 minutes)

Week 5: Adult Reviews Segment 3 “Feel the Change And You More Clearly?” with Children (30 minutes)

Week 6: Adult Reviews Segment 4 “The Magic of Home” with Children (30 minutes)

Week 7: Adult Reviews Segment 5 “Listening from Home” with Children (30 minutes)

Reference Book

Fun ways to learn how your

body knows more than your brain

For Elementary Schools, Movement and Yoga Teachers, and Families

The Science

The Physical Nature to Thinking and Being

6 Body-to-Brain Strategies

Presentation at the Movement and Cognition Conference
(26:04 minutes)


Part II

Movement program for professionals in the sciences of

research, education, counseling, and holistic health

To Be Announced