Get Sensational Attention long track

Testimonial from Principal Danny Garcia

5 – 6 hours/ 15 to 20 minutes a day/ 6 weeks

Week 1 (13 minutes)

Intro Videos

(1:58 Minutes)

(4:19 minutes)

(6:50 minutes)

Week 2 (1-2 hours)

Movement Games (45 minutes)

Kindergarten to third grader

Fourth and fifth grader

Review of User Guide (15 minutes)

Intro to User Guide (8:33 minutes)

Week 3: (30 minutes)

Segment 1, “Can You Hear Me? Where is Your Attention?” and User Guide questions for Segment 1

Video for all Segments

Week 3 (30 minutes)

Segment 2 “Upset or Angry? Try the Home Breath” and User Guide Questions for Segment 2

Week 4 (30 minutes)

Segment 3 “Feel the Change And You More Clearly?” and User Guide questions for Segment 3

Week 5 (30 minutes)

Segment 4 “The Magic of Home” and User Guide questions for Segment 4

Week 6 (30 minutes)

Segment 5 “Listening from Home” and User Guide questions for Segment 5

——End of Long Track—–

Reference Book

Experience what you body know your mind doesn’t.

Games to teach children


For Elementary Schools, Movement and Yoga Teachers, and Families

The Science

6 Body-to-Brain Strategies

Movement and Cognition Conference, 2018
(26:04 minutes)


Part II

Movement lessons for professionals in the sciences of

research, education, counseling, and holistic health

To Be Announced