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Get Sensational Attention (GSA)

About the Program

This isn’t a program, it’s a life skill. You will engage your children into a series of questions and practices designed to increase the wellbeing and build confidence in school and home relationships.

Flexible Schedule & Time Commitment

Two Tracks: Short Track (1-2 hours) and Long Track (2 weeks, daily for a ½ hour)

Skills Your Child Will Gain



Awareness of Self and Others


Catherine Rosasco-Mitchell,

Wellness Through Movement Founder and Feldenkrais Practitioner


“I’ll preach it until the day I die. If you are going to teach anything to improve school culture and student behavior teach them the Home Breath.”
Hear Principal Garcia’s Testimonial

The Science

” The brain’s low-level sensory and motor circuits do not just fee into cognition, they are cognition.”

(Scientific American Mind, Jan./Feb. 2011, p. 39-45)

For children, THEY CAN FEEL IT. See how with the program Get Sensational Attention.

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Movement, Brain • Body •Cognition, 2018 at Harvard Medical School


Get Sensational Attention

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Choose a Track

Fast Track (1 – 2 hours)

Long Track (5 – 6 hours )

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LONG TRACK (5 – 6 hours)

Week 1 (13 minutes)

Intro Videos

(1:58 Minutes)

Do you have a reoccurring problem with your child’s behavior?

(4:19 minutes)

What is missing in piece to understanding behavior?

(6:50 minutes)

How to come from the missing piece through the program?

Week 2 (1 hour)

Movement Lessons (45 minutes)

Kindergartens to Third Graders

Fourth and Fifth Graders

Review User Guide (15 minutes)

(8:33 minutes)


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Edit 11_23_21

User Guide is essential understanding how this program works.

Week 3: (30 minutes)

Video Segment 1, “Can You Hear Me? Where is Your Attention?” and User Guide questions for Segment 1

Video For all Segments and User Guide

Week 4 (30 minutes)

Video Segment 2, “Upset or Angry? Try the Home Breath” and User Guide questions for Segment 2

Week 5 (3O minutes)

Video Segment 3, “Feel the Change And You More Clearly?” and User Guide questions to Segment 3

Week 6 (30 minutes)

Video Segment 4, “The Magic of Home” and User Guide Questions for Segment 4

Week 7 (30 minutes)

Video Segment 5 , “Listening from Home” and User Guide questions for Segment 5

—–End of Long Track—-

Reference Book

Fun ways to learn how your

body knows more than your brain

For Elementary Schools, Movement and Yoga Teachers, and Families

The Science

6 Body-to-Brain Strategies

Movement and Cognition Conference, 2018
(26:04 minutes)


Part II

Movement lessons for professionals in the sciences of

research, education, counseling, and holistic health

To Be Announced