Get Sensational Attention

Video Animation Program

School Broadcast for Elementary Schools

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Children have one great advantage to learning “Get Sensational Attention.”  They can emphasize what is going on inside that is captured by emotion, physical, or mental processes and the inability to listen.   Children, fully alive, sense the body’s function of the mind.  


 Teach Organically from the Body-to-the-Brain

Please Note: Children with serious behavioral and cognitive challenges need in-depth sensorimotor reeducation with this program. More Info

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Step 1.    Teacher’s Broadcast

Ste2.    User Guide 

Step 3.    Kid’s School Broadcast 

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Step 1

Teacher’s Broadcast with Research


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Step 2  

User Guide, Most Important!

User Guide Get Sensational Video (4_2_2020)

Weekly questions to adapt concepts to daily life.

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Step 3

Kid’s School Broadcast

2 Minute – Video Segments   

Note: If you would like the whole video without Segments please email: Contact

Video for Children Not Segmented AVAILABLE HERE


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Step 4

All a Board

Parents, Administration and Caretakers                         





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Program Reference Book

A New SENSORY Self Awareness

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Adapt to Middle & High Schoolers


Reference Book Sensorimotor Movement Games 

K-3rd Grades

Lesson Personal Bubbles Freeze Dance p. 42


4-12th Grades

See Lesson Hula Relay p. 58


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Mahalo Plenty to Our Sponsors

Mahalo to Our Sponsors








Step 2: Teacher’s Presentation Video

With Science



Step 4: School Broadcast

Video with Segment Breaks and Tutorial   

User Guide Get Sensational Attention Video

PDF: Overview of Segments


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User Guide Get Sensational Video (4_2_2020)