Get Sensational Attention


“I’ll preach it until the day I die. If you are going to teach anything to improve school culture and student behavior teach them the Home Breath.”

– Principal Danny Garcia, Kohala Elementary School

Is the body related to cognitive and emotional processing?

For children, the bodily information is not only for emotional processing and cognitive development, IT IS emotional and cognitive processing! (Scientific America Mind, Jan./Feb., 2011) The method in this program, Get Sensational Attention, will show you.


The method was tested with hundreds of children.  


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User Guide is essential understanding how this program works.


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Reference Book

Want sustainable results?

Use Movement and Spatial Awareness that Develops the Heart and Soul of Thinking
Written for Elementary School, Movement, and Yoga Teachers  


Nature’s Way of Movement to Thinking and Being 
(26:04 minutes)