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These aren’t programs; it’s a life skill. Engage your children in a series of practices that have proven to increase kindness, well-being, and confidence in children regardless of condition. More importantly, the feeling of Aloha will spread through the community.

Flexible Schedule & Time Commitment

Get Sensational Attention (GSA)

Two Tracks:

Fast Track (1-2 hours)

Slow Track (2 weeks, daily for a ½ hour)

Skills Your Child Will Gain



Awareness of Self and Others


Catherine Rosasco-Mitchell,

Wellness Through Movement Founder and a Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 1987


“I’ll preach it until the day I die. If you are going to teach anything to improve school culture and student behavior, teach them the Home Breath.”
Hear Principal Garcia’s Testimonial

The Science

” The brain’s low-level sensory and motor circuits do not just fee into cognition; they are cognition.”

(Scientific American Mind, Jan./Feb. 2011, p. 39-45)

Presentation to scientists.:Learn More Six Body-To-Brain Strategies

Children CAN FEEL how movement forms consciousness. See how with the program, Get Sensational Attention.

Movement, Brain • Body •Cognition, 2018 at Harvard Medical School

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Part I

Get Sensational Attention (GSA)

Video program with User Guide

Fast Track (1 – 2 hours)

Long Track (5 – 6 hours)

A New SENSORY Self Awareness


Teach your children how their bodies are their best buddies

Learning From the Body-to-the-Brain

The book introduces how to build the bridge for your children, from the  feeling sensation of the body to thinking. This dynamic and interactive series of twelve lessons shows participants how to feel their bodies’ influence on thinking and feeling. The lessons are designed to improve awareness, in-classroom management, and school culture. Participants learn to shift perception from outside to inside to dual attention from the heart to others. By enhancing a clearer sense of self with the body, relationships with others and the outer world come into harmony. An array of self-observing techniques use breath, sound, and movement based on the Feldenkrais Method. Lessons promote a bodily awareness of mental, emotional, and physical interconnections – A New Sensory Self Awareness.

Note: All lessons and video programs are designed for adults to teach the children.

Fun Movement Lessons From the Body to the Mind for Children 
For School, Playground, and Home

For Elementary Schools, Movement and Yoga Teachers, and Families


Twelve movement lessons were designed to reeducate motor sense challenges affecting behavior, cognition, and general well-being. Part II is to be used by professionals in the fields of research, movement, and counseling.

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