Experience A Lesson

Experience a Marvel of Marvels

This lesson is the first step to learning about your Sensory Body. Experiencing a lesson will unveil an understanding reading words cannot explain.

Eyes must be closed. Minds must feel like children’s. Listening must be playful, and patience is a must for adults.

The recording mentions you need to put your attention on your breathing… what breaths you. Feel the effortless of what breathes you, and put the “directions” of body parts in the background.

With the audio recording you can now close your eyes and take the teachings as deeply as you feel comfortable.


The lesson is for people ten years of age and older.

Audio Lesson

Look at the Pancake Body lesson (p. 40 of the book, A New Sensory Self Awareness) and compare it with this audio lesson and you will see why it is so important to teach people when they are young.