Preserve and develop what is born naturally in children.

In this modern day, children need awareness of this type of sense more than ever.

Do your children …

                                    … not want to sit still?

… don’t know how to help themselves?

… have a hard time explaining themselves?

For Ages 5 to 10 year old, though the wisdom applies with newborns to 99 years olds

Tested and Proven Effective

Principal Danny Garcia, Kohala Elementary, reports methods improved character development, social-emotional behavior, & academic achievement.

Parents reports their children’s general wellbeing improved, even some physical ailments.


Build a bridge for children from the nature of their inner worlds to their awareness, and they discover guidance from with in themselves to handle stress, improve health, mend relationships, and help the planet.

Feel From Inside the Body to Learn

Feel it to know it is the best way to explain Wellness Through Movement (WTM). When children feel from inside their bodies, they find their best friend. This “friend” knows more about themselves than they do.

We call this friend a new sense, a “Sensory Body (SB).” The SB is a feeling in the body of a three-dimensional tapestry of physical sensations inseparable from feeling, thinking, and moving.

In children, when SB awareness wakes up, everything thrives, physically, mentally, and emotionally.


The body gives us movement.

Movement gives us experience.

Experience gives us a sense of self.

The Body

Change the definition of physical “movement” to “movement of life,” and you tap into the magic of the body to the mind. Movement develops the character of the children to create a sense of self.

Turn children attention to feel the inner workings of the bodies, and conversations are revealed. These (physical) conversations become their best friends ready to help guide them through their daily challenges. See “Getting Started” to understand more.

Motor patterns are sensations of structure. The structure forms a looking glass of perception. The motor sense of this structure is a tapestry of sensations tracking the symphony of actions, senses, emotions, and thinking. Shine the light on children’s inner workings, and the mind-body connection balances themselves and their outer world. The results? Stress gets relieved, health improves, and (for children) love is in the air.


Combine your “ways” of teaching, counseling, or parenting with the WTM process, and the unique nature inside children will find a sacred sense to guide them through life.


I am a…

Teach children to feel their bodies to clarify how to share and listen.

Teach children at school to feel their bodies to develop kindness, kokua (helping), and peace

Teach children in classrooms to feel their bodies to become active listeners and self-directors.

Teach children to feel their bodies to change the trajectory of their lives.

Teach children to feel their bodies to change the trajectory of their lives.