Develop Joyous Conscious Children

Your child

Teach children to feel mindfulness through their bodies

and the child, the community, and the planet thrive.

For Ages 5 to 10 Year Olds

Give me details. I am a …

Teach children to feel what is going on inside” through their bodies” to clarify how to share, listen, and learn.

Teach a mindfulness program that nurtures a school culture of kindness, kokua (helping) , and peace.

Teach children awareness inside ( through their bodies) to clarify how to share, listen, and learn. Teach movement classes that integrate the motor patterns related to both the emotional and cognitive development.

Research movement lessons proven effective for cognitive disorders (Part II).

Feldenkrais, yoga, physical education and dance teachers bridge movement lessons in elementary schools with the sensory body and the mind.

Feeling how awareness of your body makes “everything thrive”…?

The body is what gives us experience and experience help us learn.
Experience helps us learn.
What’s so new about that?
What’s “new” is how  to build a bridge from-the-body-to-the-brain through experience. There is a mystery in the body that shows the way. A new type of awareness comes from a sensation that shows children what they are doing and then to what to do differently. A new “awareness” reveals how muscles and bones interact and track the symphony of senses, emotions, and thinking through movement. When we help children feel the symphony, everything in them and around them thrives!

Enhance what I do with children …

by putting together (in the Feldenkrais® way)…

Movement of one’s body, mind, and heart that guides development and relationships

Attention to the movement behavior that reveals one’s unique process between mind and body

Awareness to an internal spatial wisdom of one’s consciousness

(The Feldenkrais way, from the body to the brain)