What’s This About?


What’s Wellness Through Movement about?

To Begin

Who Are You?

Ages 5 to 10 year old

Feel From Inside the Body to Learn

Children are famished to learn from the inside, and the future depends on it. They are feeling creatures that think. Help them find their best friend inside, and you help them balance who they are with life.

This “friend” is the Sensory Body (SB). The SB is a three-dimensional tapestry of physical sensations to feeling, thinking, and moving.

By linking children’s SB to awareness,  we enable them to listen inside to the outside world when managing stress. The benefits of SB awareness extend beyond health to include clearer communication, stronger relationships, and a positive impact on the family, community, and the planet. SB awareness is a catalyst for thriving through life.

The body gives us movement.

Movement gives us experience. Experience gives us a sense of self. Teach children how to feel between their bodies and their brains. In this modern word of technology we are desensitizing the very nature of how we operate and learn. Cognitive development research discovers children are more sensory sensitive than ever understood. Scientist share the Feldenkrais® work is far more wiser, subtle, holistic, and in accordance wit brain development then understood.

Proven Effective

Principal Danny Garcia

Principal Danny Garcia of Kohala Elementary, reports methods “improved character development, social-emotional behavior, & academic achievement.” Parents reports their children’s general wellbeing improved, even with some physical ailments.

Give Me Details

I am a…

Teach children to feel their bodies to clarify how to share and listen.

Teach children at school to feel their bodies to develop kindness, kokua (helping), and peace

Teach children in classrooms to feel their bodies to become active listeners and self-directors.

Teach children to feel their bodies to change the trajectory of their lives.

Teach children to feel their bodies to change the trajectory of their lives.

Try a lesson for the children (5-9 years old), and for older children, this lesson.

Make it Yours

This methodology isn’t a new way of teaching. It’s a way of teaching what you do with the body, too.