Getting Started

Introductory Programs and Lesson

It is important to know these “programs” are not programs but aspects of a culture. Treasuring the polar opposites, learning from the inside and the world around us, is foundational to the lessons. Make the lessons your own. Adapt the practices of balancing opposites into your ways of school and family culture. For example, Kohala Elementary School changed the “Home Breath” lesson into a school-wide practice of the “Pono Breath.”

Just remember, this work is about the uniqueness of your children in the flesh, literally. As children, it is a a precious time, a window of opportunity to secret in the nature of human existence.


Get Sensational Attention (GSA)

A School-wide Program Using Breath

and Physical Introspection

Two GSA Tracks

For Sustainable Results: LONG TRACK

For Quick and Easy Techniques: FAST TRACK


For an Introduction to a Child’s Inner World: Personal Bubbles Home Breath lesson