Scientific Background

Based on the Feldenkrais Method, WTM resources enrich the treasures of your child, regardless of mental or physical condition. 

Here’s how it works

Movement form sensorimotor patterns.

Sensorimotor patterns form function and development.

Development and life circumstances form perception.

Perception forms choices.

Reeducate movement patterns that form cognition, and movement patterns change cognition.


Tips For Researchers

  • Learn by experience the concept of the “body as a brain.”
  • Unite children and what research knows through practical activities of how the feel in the body influences thinking and learning.
  • Advance the science of cognitive disorders by analyzing the character of movement patterns, mental and physical.

Movements are based on Feldenkrais and developmental movements to enhance both cognition and wellbeing. Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais was a physicist and associate of Albert Einstein. Movement is used to teach the brain what the body was doing, not follow a movement by a direction.


Tips for

Body-to-Brain Awareness

  1. Recognize Movement Tendencies
  2. Observe Movement in Behavior to Understand Cognitive Behavior
  3. Reeducate the Intelligence of Movement Patterns (Feldenkrais® Method, Awareness Through Movement®)

Feldenkrais® Movement

changes behavioral patterns associated with identity,

…reeducates biological tendencies locked into attention and listening,

…increases flexibility, coordination, and sense of self,

and thus gets sustainable benefits for a lifetime.


Cognitive Disorders

ADHD Symptoms

When motor patterns to cognitive orders were detected and reeducated behavior improved  within 24- 48 hours, EVERY TIME!