Services & Programs


Self Services 

Elementary School-Wide 

CLICK HERE: VIDEO PROGRAM Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 8.34.19 AM
How to Use Video   
Teacher Version  Research Video
School Broadcast IV Segments Video
User Guide Questions for Students
Movement Games



Workbook Program

Book for School & Home

Fully Embodied Intelligence for Children

Experience how the body crafts the mind and enlightens the soul in a child





Classroom Teachers 

How the Brain Works
Get Sensational Attention Mindfulness
Adapting Mindfulness

With Test taking

At the Playground

In Conflict resolution

Teacher Training Program

In-Classroom lessons  (Qualified  Classes)
Teacher Meetings (group and private)
Private Consultations for Teachers

 Movement Toolbox for Teachers

In-classroom, 5-minute movements
Consultation for Classroom lessons
Calming Chaos -Movement tools
Transition Movement tools


Students Services

PE Movement Program

for the Sensory Body, Mind, & Heart

The Young at Heart PE 

*School must qualify. Contact for more information:


Families Services

Parent Presentation

 Discipline tools

At Bedtime

During Communication

When Behavioral Challenges

  • Private Consultation

For behavior, movement and social relationships

 Parent Group Meetings

Learn Tips for stress and communication

More Information

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