About Us


Catherine Rosasco-Mitchell

For forty years, she has been expanding her studies of spatial awareness, biologically and environmentally, with development. Her successes and discoveries in neuromuscular behavior to cognitive development came from neither neuroscience nor academic research but in the trenches working with people of all ages. For forty years, she worked with chronic conditions, physical and mental. Her serendipitous discoveries led her to create the Wellness Through Movement program. She had the privilege of presenting at movement and cognition conferences, including the Society for Research in Child Development, Movement Is, Neuroscience and Feldenkrais Method. Her publications include the book “A New SENSORY Self Awareness” (2013) and an animation video program, “Get Sensational Attention.” The most incredible privilege has been applying the practices for recovery and healing to thousands of clients. Other certifications and studies include All Kinds of Minds, Schools Attuned®, Brain Gym®, Yoga Ed®, Anat Baniel® Method, and Cranial Sacral work. Her spiritual practice broadens her understandings of the latest research in neuroscience with eastern and western approaches of motion, postures, mindfulness, and consciousness.


Development Team


Teachers and school counselors, Principal Danny Garcia, Department of Education (Art Souza and Esther Hughes) and community leaders, parents and children all from the  North and South Kohala district of Hawaii.
Special thanks to partners Hawaii Preparatory Academy (teacher, Susie Jones) and Parker School (teacher, Donna Rohr).

Organization’s History


Wellness Through Movement® began in January of 2005 when an innovative elementary school, Hawaii Preparatory Academy (HPA), became interested in the neuromuscular components of physical education. Ms. Catherine Rosasco Mitchell, *kinesthesia educator, and Feldenkrais® practitioner, met with HPA’s physical education teacher, Susie Jones. For the next thirteen years, with parents, principals, teachers, community leaders, and colleagues, Ms. Rosasco-Mitchel developed and tested the Wellness Through Movement program.

*Kinesthesia: the proprioceptive sensation to perception through movement.

Team for the Book


Jo Piltz, Catherine Rosasco-Mitchell, Danny Garcia, and John Holland

 Jo Piltz, executive editor; John Holland, writer; and Danny Garcia, Principal of Kohala Elementary; and Catherine Rosasco-Mitchell, Feldenkrais® Practitioner, were the core members of our team. In 2021 veteran teachers, Cherry Sanford and Joyce O’Connor joined the mission.

Our “fun” advisor, physical education instructor Ms. Susie Jones and WTM Board of Advisors, helped implement games with the Department of Education’s physical education and health standards. Sequence and types of movements designed with the Feldenkrais® Method to address a healthy body and school and classroom culture. The program was tested with hundreds of children. Finally, Donna Rohr, a drama and movement teacher at Parker Elementary School, tried out and edited.

The two-part Wellness Through Movement series uses the Feldenkrais’s method, Awareness Through Movement®, to re-educate behavioral patterns.   Part I,  A New SENSORY Self Awareness, has foundational lessons easy to understand and implement.  The experience of the movement lessons is the inner teachers.

The curriculum creates learning from the fields of physics, development, and neuroscience. Lessons organically grow to improve: 1. Physical: strength, coordination, and align posture 2. Integrity: courage, respect, and trust 3. Conscious Awareness of proprioceptive sensation. Because the method follows the natural learning process, enthusiasm, self-direction, creativity, and responsibility also builds.

  A New SENSORY Self Awareness  Book Link