Mindfulness with Sensory Body Animation Video Coming Soon

Thanks to the principal of Kohala Elementary, Danny Garcia,  Wellness Through Movement (WTM) has been requested to do a broadcast for the school to train students and teachers.  This is one way to build a bridge between the culture of the Department of Education and a higher quality of living from both for the mind and heart of our children.  Sponsors have helped us create a video to explain  the foundational lessons of the program for the whole school to view.

The whiteboard video will draw out cartoons as it “talks story”  to capture children’s attention, address situations common to a school day and classroom atmosphere and learn from the inside  how to address  challenges for both students and teachers in familiar school day.

Due the the stress of school systems and workload for both teachers and students  this is one way we can support school systems.  This video will provide children and teachers a way to master a method to relieve stress and improve awareness of one’s unique spirit  to learning.

By nature children need to learn from both  inside and from “out there.”  Too many hours a day children are trained (brain washed)  to pull their attention outside of themselves  for answers and understand how to take care of themselves.  Answers are not always from “out there.”

It is not up to just the teacher to teach the student, the student needs training to become part of the team.  “Eyes up here,” “Ears up Here,” “Listen to me,” are common strategies for teaching however by nature learning  is a two way road, from out there to inside and from inside to out there . Who a child is, how to check in with oneself and adapt what is learned to what captures enthusiasm  is missing from our educational system.

The first step to change and  a happy healthy way of life is to learn as children who is learning.

Wellness and health is not an exercise it is a lifestyle.  Feeling the passion that  kindles the heart is key to innovation, self direction and most importantly kindness.  With mindfulness from the body to the brain grades improve but more important passion flourishes and perseverance roots into the heart for a life time of support and guidance.

Stay tune !!! We hope to have the video out by this January 2015.