Wanting Children to Listen: Parent Meeting


Thank you to the over forty parents who attended the Waimea Elementary Wellness Through Movement Parent Hour this February. Parent’s main concern was getting their children to listen.

Learning how a child listens takes an understanding of how children  “feel more than they think.”

Recognize the physical sensation of intonations behind words. This is what your child hears.  The facial expression, body posture and emotion behind the word are what children “hear,” not the words themselves.  Children also look to their parents (instead of feeling their bodies) to clarify if they are okay. If parents are upset the child feels worse. Human beings need training to recognize the truth about themselves. The physical feeling in the body holds the information.

If centered the severity of a challenge changes perception. Take a deep breath next time you are in a hurry or frustrated with your child.   With long exhalations making the sound of “Ahhhh” let attention turn to the vibration of the sound within the body.  This centers and calms the nervous system. (See book: A New SENSORY Self-Awarenesshave your child do the lesson, too).    Training attention to turn inside the body simultaneously as you speak is not necessarily easy yet profoundly affective especially if reactions are anger or frustration. Perception can drastically change reaction and the outcome of a situation.

Please don’t believe this concept until you try it out. Experiment with this next time you are upset with someone.    Feel where the breath ends, or the hum inside the body after a few exhalations.  Then remember to keep attention to the sensation inside the physical body while speaking.  Careful, if you lash out your attention will lose the centeredness needed for others to hear you. Experience this concept. The experience will teach you so much more than these words.

The foundation of the program “Wellness Through Movement” is to train dual attention. Attention inside and out is a kind of awareness then used daily situations (and every movement lesson).  Movement lessons reprogram motor patterns related to perception.  Dual attention gives awareness of how the body changes perception and expands integrity, kindness, and open ears.

The awareness within reveals truthfulness, develops self- responsibility and regulates reactions.  The sensation of the body is the foundation of “thinking.”    Sensory and motor circuits are cognition (Scientific America Mind, Jan-Feb 2011, p. 39 – 45). Our bodies teach us more than the mind will ever understand. Learning from this awareness awakens the heart, mind and body.

Video for to train dual attention now available