Update: “Get Sensational Attention” Video Animation Mindfullness Program

Have you ever thought of an exciting new idea and was gun-ho on making it happen?  And once you were in the thick of it, it got even thicker with details, complications, technical challenges and phases unknown to man, at least in your own mind?  Well making a 12-minute video whiteboard animation = is like producing a major film for someone who is new to the film world.  The film is really funny and coming along but alas taking more time then expected.

Principal Garcia, school counselor Lei Moore, and behavioral specialist Elizabeth Schilling MAHALO for your advice and guidance. We are still working hard at making this video happen.

We found an IT person from Egypt (talented and affordable).  Together an illustrator and two voice-over artists from other parts of the world were approached to be part of the team.  Each person involves becomes a part of an important sequence and with each phase there has been complications plus the busy-ness of the holidays… but we still have hope all will come together soon!  However we want to let you know the broadcast won’t this January 2015 at Kohala Elementary Schools as we had hoped.

We will announce the new projected date for the broadcast within the next two weeks.  Thanks for your patience and interest.

Catherine Mitchell and the Team with Elance