Research Update

Aloha Kohala Community,

We want to let people know we didn’t get approval in time  from the Department of Education for the research project between Wellness Through Movement, University of Hawaii and Vassar College.   However we want to thank the DOE in all their efforts to try to make the research happen.   After postponing the Wellness Through Movement from September 2013 to January 2014 we felt it important to follow through with the school and community members on starting.

AND we do want to share the program has expanded reaching more children then ever excepted!

1. We went into an additional school, Waimea Elementary School, and did a Parent Hour with over forty more parents.

2. We are going into three additional classrooms reaching students (60) tools to self-regulation, listening and responsiveness.

3. We are training those three teachers of these classrooms tools on how to bring about sensory self awareness to improve self awareness to learning and self care while in school.

4. We are also consulting privately to now twelve difference parents about ways to support their child and bring a healthier more productive communication, self awareness and development in the home environment.

Thank you for your inquiries.  Wellness Through Movement will continue at Kohala Elementary bringing families, teachers and students together as a team for learning and healthy living… together is the only way there will be change.

Mahalo for your comments of guidance and appreciation.  It keeps us going.

And last a special thanks for the people who have given their time and commitment to support the program Cherry Sanford  and Andy Russell.



Catherine Rosasco-Mitchell