Are words not getting through to your child?

Are your kids climbing the walls?

Would you like to understand a major influence to your child’s thinking?

Children listen with more than just with the ears, and think more than just with the brain.

Younger children feel through their bodies to listen and think. We all did at one time but are not aware of it. If you are not aware of something you can’t enhance or change it. The Wellness Through Movement (WTM) program builds a bridge of awareness by experiencing how the body helps the brain.  

The Bridge is a new orientation enhancing the biological nature of learning. The practice is not a tool, but a way of life designed to strengthen the way the body works with the brain. 
When the body and brain work in awareness they both work better. 

Why is this orientation crucial for raising a child?

Children learn from the inside out as well as from the outside in.

Biological influences set up the trajectory of life. Teach children awareness to feeling their bodies, and a new orientation to learning unlocks their unique treasures. This “awareness” from the body to the brain is a skill needing to be learned.

How would these activities help my child to listen?

Imagine, if in seconds, children discover from a place within themselves how to calm their emotions, focus their attention, and increase their ability to reason. Most importantly, when children feel their bodily sensations they understand how they need to learn.

They stay engaged, and  learn how to become self-directed learners.  Children learn a sense of their uniqueness. Usually, “a sense of self” isn’t discovered until after college. If they learn this as a child their own uniqueness improves as they age.

How does this approach work?

The best way to answer this question is to think about the differences of this program versus other mindfulness programs. This program isn’t about learning from the brain; it is learning through a sixth sense. This sense is the way the brain learns from the body.  Develop awareness of this sixth sense, and a physical sensation helps guide internal struggles into life long successes.

Wellness Through Movement® is a new way of raising a child. The process brings together the newest contemporary sciences of cognition and child development with the Feldenkrais Method®. The process utilizes the movement of sensations connected to behavior, attention, and thinking. In other words, this is the “movement” that is life. If you can feel how sensations influence the mind can change. Experience the nature of how sensations affect the mind, and everything in life changes. The experience gives the awareness to a stirring wheel of life. READ MORE ABOUT THE SCIENCE…

Where to begin?

“Get Sensational Attention” video program introduces
the mind to the thinking body. 

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