Parent’s Hour at Waimea Elementary

Thank you to the over forty parents who attended the Waimea Elementary Wellness Through Movement Parent Hour this February. Parent’s main concern was getting their children to listen.  Learning how a child listen takes understanding how children  “feel more than think.”

Recognize the feeling nature (physical and emotional) behind  words to understand what  is heard  inside a child’s mind.  The the facial expression, body posture and emotion behind the word is what
children hear, not the words.

Children look to parent to see if they are okay when they fall, in the same way they look at their parents reactions more then what they are saying.  If parents are upset children hear the attitude, not necessarily the word. The physical feeling in the body holds the intonation behind words.  This intonation explains what  children hear.

Take a deep breath out next time you are in a hurry or frustrated.   Hum and let attention follow the vibration inside your body. ( Get the book  A New SENSORY Self Awareness…have your child and you read the lesson).    Training attention to feel inside your body simultaneously as you speak, especially when reacting is a simple idea but not easy especially if there is  anger or frustration.  Words are physical actions and those actions drastically change a meaning to a word.

Don’t believe us try it. Experiment with this next time you are upset with someone.    Feel where the breath ends, or the hum inside the body after a few exhalations.  Then remember to keep attention to the sensation inside the physical body while speaking.  Careful, if the words lash out your attention has lost the feeling nature inside the body.

Is this Wellness Through Movement?  This  concept of having dual attention inside and out  is weaved into all the movement lessons.  Movements  re-pattern motor patterns that set perception.  Different than other “movement” programs we teach awareness through the body to thinking.

Knowing your body teaches  truthfulness, self- responsibility and regulation.  The body  creates “thinking.”    Our bodies teach us how to be fully alive inside  and with life… heart, mind and spirit.

Be on the look out for a video. We will ask a few parents if it is okay to post this process between two children.