IMPROVE LISTENING & Classroom Management

March 11, 2014Classroom Management

Mahalo Kohala Elementary Pilot School and Teachers for opening up your minds and hearts to a new way of looking at learning and growing for our children to be become fully alive from the BODY-TO-THE-BRAIN.

Teachers Interested in WTM Whole Child Learning: Three teachers, Mel Rufo, Bindi Wiernicki, and Merrilee Carpenter, want tips from WTM for their second and fifth grade classrooms at Kohala Elementary.  Requests from teachers include enhancing listening, following directions, transition times, and improvements in responsiveness and self-regulation for the second graders.  And in addition, look for tips to supper Brain Function for the fifth graders.



Listening from the Body-to-Brain

Listening is as much to do with what is happening in the back of our mind and how are bodies feel inside to what is being said to us.  This internal dialogue of our physical body must first address the basics: blood sugar (healthy meals), rest, and water.  If any of these three are not a regular routine, then the “talk” from the physical feeling nature in our body is louder than anything “out there.”

For the younger kids, we have to increase the awareness of sound and the space it fills.  We’ll do this lesson first with the physical space of “personal space” and “space between each other.” Experiencing space makes it easier for children to understand that sound also has space.  (Many adults may benefit with this lesson when on cell phones in public areas.)