Get Sensational Attention Program


AUGUST 26, 2020

A New Way To Think About Children

Through Nature’s Way of Education


“Get Sensation Attention” video is a tool for elementary school children to improve attention and decrease stress through expanding sense of self.    Attention deficient isn’t a problem, it’s a different way of understanding how the body and brain work together.  Neuroscientists (study of nervous system in both brain and body)  are finding  educators want to learn about the “science of character,” and why not?  The body and sensations cause development of attention.  Learn the character of your child by helping your child learn their character, point attention inside.  The User Guide for Get Sensational Attention  will help you and your child find the treasure of who they are.

Is sensation related to attention? Scientists say “yes.” See for Research in Child Development). Attention negotiates with sensation.

First step is to build awareness of physical presence (spatial awareness inside and out) for the child. Key factors for the brain to learn this presence are attention and movement. 

 Watch the Introduction videos to change the way you think of education. Then apply questions in the User Guide to ADAPT, ADAPT, ADAPT.  Children learn to listen to the sensation of “home” and apply it to situations. How? The User Guide will show how.

In sensations there lies the urge to behavior, the curiosity to listening and the ambition to achieve. Become fully present (mind, body, and spirit) and attention will widens inside and out. Grades and social behavior improve, but more important so does the joy of the heart.