Children Get Organized Through Sensory Awareness


Want your Children to be Organized?

Be organized we have to beware of our surroundings, that includes stuff and space.   Outer surroundings and what is perceived is always relative to one self so beware of surroundings starts with being aware of one self.  Some children seem lost when put into situations to take care of themselves, cooperate with others, or find solutions to challenges.  Even playing children can lack emphatic cooperation skills.  This is all part of being organized.  Being organized and self-regulation takes self- awareness.  To be self-aware we have to be present with our actions and attitudes.  First step to awareness is SELF- INQUIRY and for children that means feeling the body.


Teaching Organization: Daily Routine of Self-Awareness and Preparation

Organization takes routine. Route always has two components, self and what is around us.  Reviewing steps from start and finish of each day sets up routine.  The first step is feeling oneself.   If children don’t remember put them in the physical position when they learned what ever was being taught.   Then physical position and action kindles recall.  This is also how to teach self-awareness (from the body to brain). Feeling sensation of the body will help develop recall and memory.  Memory is developed through organization and routine. To kindle memory recall sequences of actions and what was happening in the situation.  Include self with other people and tools used in the day.   Again sequence of actions recall memory of what was done in the day and awareness between self and the environment or situations.

How to Learn Sensory Awareness in Situation or Game

For example if a child has a messy desk note if he or she is also unaware of others.   How to be emphatic is an individual personal and physical space.  Empathy and organization seem unrelated?  If they are challenge in both they are related.  Use a game (example: Personal Bubbles Freeze Dance & Home Breath, A New SENSORY Self Awareness, page 44) to teach awareness.  Or use some game teachers
spatial awareness with the body and also has supplies.  Supplies should be organized in a small tight space or a box, room or closet.


Play the game. Then teach the Home Breath (see book or video) and play the game again this time coming from “home.”  Then ask the kids to use the feeling of “home” in the game (or situations).  This sense of “home” teaches the child awareness of the presence inside.  The key to the game is to notice the differences between using “home” in the game and not using “home.   How does this sense of self relate to “out there”? At the end of the game have children put all the supplies back in small space the way they found them.  Complete instructions are in the book.  You will understand more once you practice the lesson.

Watch for other situations at home or school where empathy is lacking.  Introduce Home Breath lesson   then apply being in “home” to same situation.  Again ask the children how the situation is different.  Adults can practice this when in conflict, angry, or frustrated.   Intention is to give the children as many situations where they are just paying attention to the game then when they are in “home” paying attention to the situation (or game).  Organization starts with developing skills to be aware of self and outer environment.

Now here is how to deepen sensory awareness.  Each time before the game (or situation) make participants recall the sequence of how the game unfolded.  What were the steps for example; got the supplies out of the cupboard, picked the teams, interacted with others (played the game and someone missed their turn and got upset), did home breath, and finally noticed the difference being “home” while being upset or in “home” upset.  If they can’t remember have them go through the actions to recall their memories.  Teachers or parents need to constantly bing bong child’s attention between self and self to environment. Environments are people, place, or things.  Children’s sense of empathy will expand when sense of self expands.  Organizing supplies back in cupboard will get easier.

Motivation and desire to organize is determined by how we feel.   Practice.  Awareness of one self takes time.  Awareness of self to others (or desk supplies) takes practice.