Child Development Teaching Institute Presentation

We have been accepted to present at the Teaching Institute for the Society of Research of Child Development (SRCD).  Teaching Institute is held at the preconference of SRCD Biennial Conference  2015 in Philadelphia.  Teaching Institute is designed for teachers of developmental courses of all levels wishing to develop strategies for engaging students, exploring new ideas, and update their knowledge with like-minded professionals.

Presenters professor Carolyn Palmer of Vassar College and Catherine Rosasco-Mitchell of Wellness Through Movement (Feldenkrais Practitioner) are giving simple lessons to build awareness from body-to-the-brain (or a Sensory Self-Awareness).  Lessons will affect self-regulation, listening, attention, and behavior.

Expanding awareness of somatic influence  guides individuals young and old into the uniqueness of how they learn.   Students aware “internally” of somatic sensations influencing perception are more able to fully engage “externally.”


To give students an experience of Sensory Self-Awarness  Wellness Through Movement lessons chosen for presentation focus on both  internal and external sensory bodies (embodiment of the body).  Experience the “material nature to the sensory body” is a tool for a life span of learning.

Conference is held at the Marriott in downtown Philadelphia.  For more information contact SRCD Preconference Teaching Institute 2015.