Principal Garcia, Kohala Elementary School

Principal Danny Garcia Kohala Elementary

Kohala Elementary School has partnered with Wellness Through Movement for over ten years.   Catherine Rosasco Mitchell has provided classes for students, teachers and community members to develop a stronger sense of awareness within them selves. We have incorporated the mindfulness program into our daily culture here at KES calling them “PONO Breath” and “PONO Space” respectively. Our primary focus here at KES is to develop young children into young adults with a strong sense of self physically, mentally and emotionally.  Through the training both in movement and mindfulness with the WTM program, we have seen both individual students achieve success overcoming anxiety and other behavior issues, and improve in listening and communication. In addition there has been a school wide decrease in poor behaviors and referrals.

Our teachers use the “PONO Breath” with the students daily and our school counselor has incorporated the “Sensational Attention” video into her curriculum.  As the school leader, I personally believe in the WTM methodology and it’s importance in primary education.  I say, teach the body first than the mind will follow…we are spiritual creatures having a physical experience.

Mahalo Nui Loa,

Danny P. Garcia, Principal

Kohala Elementary School




Andy Russel Health CoachAndy Russel, Health Coach

After documenting the Wellness Through Movement program at the Kohala elementary school it is obvious that the program positively affects cognitive performance and physical well being. What made the results from the Wellness Through Movement program unique was how each student developed personally and in the group; shy students became more expressive, boisterous students became more quietly engaged and the entire group bAndy Russel, Health Coachenefitted from the improved dynamics. This allowed for more spontaneous involvement from all the students rather than the group developing a habitual hierarchy that would have benefitted some and stifled others. For this reason, I think the WTM program is distinct from and more beneficial than most physical education programs used in schools presently and has the potential to be used in an integrated way in any situation rather than only being used as a separate and isolated practice.



Andy Russell

Feldenkrais trainee, fitness and health coach