Supplements for Movement Programs

6 Supplements for Movement Programs

  1. Recognized Movement Tendencies

  2. Action Behavior in Cognitive Skills

  3. Spatial Awareness Inside and to Surroundings

  4. Clarify Embodied Awareness

  5. Experience Embodied Cognition

  6. Reeducate the Intelligence of Movement Patterns



  • Supplements are based on Feldenkrais and developmental movements to enhance the well-being in both mind and body. Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais was a physicist and associate of Albert Einstein.
  • Supplements teach a dual awareness. Dual awareness, or what is termed “home,”  is attention from  the heart and both an inward and outward sense of presence.
  • Supplements reeducatethe biological movement tendencies locked in attention and listening behavior to increase flexibility, coordination, and sense of self.
  • Supplements clarifymovement patterns  in the sense of self to sustain benefits..
  • Supplements build character through self-reflection to take responsibility of  actions, regulation, and motivation.
  • Supplements do not model or  correct movements but to instead  creates opportunities to  explore  differences in movement responses to what was intended


Dramatic Results

ADHD Symptoms

When motor patterns to cognitive orders were detected and reeducated behavior improved  within 24- 48 hours, EVERY TIME!



Sustainable Improvements

To change a child change a school culture.


Get Sensational Attention 

Animation video program for elementary schools              

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