Services & Programs

Self Services 

Elementary School-Wide 

CLICK HERE: VIDEO PROGRAM Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 8.34.19 AM
How to Use Video   
Teacher Version  Research Video
School Broadcast IV Segments Video
User Guide Questions for Students
Movement Games


Workbook Program

Book for School & Home

Improve Engage Learner

Improve Social Behavior

Improve Spatial Awareness

 Sensory-Motor Lessons for the Classroom and Home

Improve Attention





 Teachers Services

How the Brain Works
Get Sensational Attention Mindfulness
Adapting Mindfulness

With Test taking

At the Playground

In Conflict resolution

Teacher Training Program

In-Classroom lessons  (Qualified  Classes)
Teacher Meetings (group and private)
Private Consultations for Teachers

 Movement Toolbox for Teachers

In-classroom, 5-minute movements
Consultation for Classroom lessons
Calming Chaos -Movement tools
Transition Movement tools


Students Services

PE Program – Sensory, Mind, Body, Heart

The Young at Heart PE 

*School must qualify. Contact for more information:


Families Services

Parent Presentation

 Discipline tools

At Bedtime

During Communication

When Behavioral Challenges

  • Private Consultation

For behavior, movement and social relationships

 Parent Group Meetings

Learn Tips for stress and communication

More Information

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