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Get Sensational Attention Video

KID’S Version or TEACHER’S Version
This video is designed to improve school culture. Team of specialists in development and education includes: principal Danny Garcia, behavioral specialist Elizabeth Schilling, school counselor Lei Moore all at Kohala Elementary, and Catherine Rosasco-Mitchell  Feldenkrais Practitioner .
“Home Breath” lesson engages the learning through sensory awareness.  Focus is for children in Elementary schools.
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Get Sensational Attention You Tube Video 

In school we want “eyes up here, ears up here,” basically because we want longer and more focused attention. But attention doesn’t just come from training the brain to focus outside of one self. Attention is a two-way street from the brain and from the body. We must teach children to be presence within them selves to know how to be more presence with others. This type of mindfulness is a science and one of the most fundamental natures of the body and how sensation influences the brain. Children are bundles of sensation. Teach them awareness of these sensations and they will understand themselves better, and how they can use their body to understand how they think. Development is a function of both the body and the brain. Teach it and you will improve grades and social behavior, but more importantly you will give the children a tool that will improve their quality of happiness for years to come. We must teach children to not have all their attention focused outside of themselves to learn. This video lesson is the first step to teaching attention, a dual attention both inside one self and “out there.”


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Book Release

Front Cover

Completely Revised

A New SENSORY Self-Awareness

Body-to-Brain Communication

Authored by
Catherine Rosasco Mitchell

Part I – A New SENSORY Self-Awareness Body-to-Brain Communication  introduces how to build the bridge from the  feeling sensation of the body to thinking. This dynamic and interactive series of twelve lessons shows participants how to feel the influence their bodies have on thinking and feeling. The program is designed to improve awareness, in-classroom management, and school culture. Participants learn how to shift perception from outside to inside by enhancing a clearer sense of self and their relationship with others. An array of self-observing techniques using breath, sound, and movement promote awareness of mental, emotional and physical interconnections. A New Sensory Self Awareness helps lives change.

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