Get Sensational Attention Video RELEASED


“Get Sensation Attention” video is a tool for elementary school children to improve attention through expanding  self-awareness and sense of  well-being.  In school we want “Eyes up here. Ears uphere.”  Attention deficient is the most common challenge for children today but their bodies are telling us why. Neuroscientists (study of nervous system in both brain and body)  are finding  educators want to learn about the “science of character.”  Difficulty controlling behavior, feeling hyperactive and needing to move are signs of what is in character that is  causing attention deficient.  Character is learned by self awareness and self awareness begins by learning to point attention inside.

Is sensation related to attention? Scientists say “yes.” See for Research in Child Development). Attention negotiates with sensation.

First step is to build awareness of physical presence for the child. Key factors to this type of awareness are attention and movement. This awareness is physical condition and takes practice to learn (three weeks).

There are two videos. The “Kid’s version” of “Getting Sensational Attention” can be viewed into two or three segments. The “Teacher’s version includes the research. Watch the video then ADAPT, ADAPT, ADAPT. Adapt the sensation of “home” to daily situations. How? Ask the children to remember the feeling of “home.” Are they present inside? Repeat the lesson until they can feel how to “home” speak (or listen) from home. And listen. Do they need to share?

In sensation lie the urge to behavior, the curiosity to listening and the ambition to achieving. Help your student become fully present and attention will expand. Grades and social behavior also improve. Teach attention, dual attention both inside and “out there.”