Changes Behavior with Movement Reeducation 

  • ADHD

A kindergartner with severe attention deficit unable to listen or communicate became focused, inquisitive, and to our surprise started talking. By the ninth lesson as he walked into class he started to share a personal trauma he experience when he first started school. Previously he did not say a word for nine weeks. The series of sensorimotor lessons integrated the function between feet and legs into the torso, and then the head. When the whole body integrated his attention stabilized and was able to have eye contact and listen, follow direction, and to some extent share.



No one thought a gifted fifth grader had a problem. However his parents confined he had insomnia. He was so concern about duties in school he couldn’t sleep. Integrating the pattern of external attention to internal attention made a difference. Sensing the differences in direction of attention, than using sound and deep exhalations, and sense the body his mind calmed and fell asleep (Get Sensational Attention- video program http://wellnessthroughmovement.com/programs-2/). Parents were also advised to flip the pattern of giving so much focus towards his younger brother and workload.



When a third grade bully was taught spatial awareness of sensorimotor architecture (or the garment), and the differences between internal versus external awareness his perception shifted. Previously he felt everyone was constantly judging him which in reality no one notice him until he became violent. Gradually this personality disorder shifted to compassion, and he was able to make a few friends.



The grinding of teeth changed to snoring in a first grader. After establishing stability, coordination and flexibility between lower limbs and into the pelvis his ribcage softened. Tension in the ribcage often tightens the jaw.