A New SENSORY Self Awareness

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Teach the way that the body and the brain are designed to learn.  A New SENSORY Self Awareness is now recognized by scholars at Brown University (Catherine Kerr) and Kennedy Krieger (subsidiary of Johns Hopkin) and is being used to help research in somatosensory systems and ADHD.  The philosophy was presented at the international research conference at the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) and widely received.  From scholars to parents, people are finding life changes in their child’s outlook, attention, and general wellbeing by approaching an understanding of movement as cognition.  This book is not about movement exercise but the way the nervous system builds the bridge between the body and the brain as a weaving of motion.   When the two work together in awareness, thinking, healing, and perception work better.


Written by Catherine Rosasco-Mitchell and her thirty years of experience studying and practicing modalities of mind-body integration from neurology, physics, and ancient scriptures.  Foundation of the method is based on work by Moshe Feldenkrais.