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Board Members



Catherine Rosasco Mitchell

President, Feldenkrais Practitioner 

Catbioherine Rosasco-Mitchell is the primary developer of the Wellness Through Movement.  She has thirty years experience studying and practicing modalities of mind-body integration from neurology, physics, and psychology to ancient scriptures and practices.  She is recognized by scholars at both Brown University, Cathy Kerr and Kennedy Krieger Institute (an international research institute affiliated with Johns Hopkins) Dav Clark.  Together with team of Feldenkrais practitioners including researcher Carolyn Palmer at Vassar College she has develop and implement measures for sensorimotor systems, and somatic functions.

Practice has included presentations at the international research conference at the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) to the Society of Health and Physical Educators (AAHPERD & HAHPERD).  She is the originator of the (Wellness Through Movement program) for elementary schools,  and has taught at college to elementary schools  in Hawaii, California and Michigan.
Her personal challenge with a crippling disease (thought to be rheumatoid arthritis) in 1980 started her on a quest to break the mold of what was told to her as an “incurable” condition.  More information can be found on her website Feldenkrais Interest.

Her personal time is spent riding horses and being in nature, especially in the waters and mountains  of Hawaii.  She has a strong spiritual practice that unites all spiritual paths, from both the West and the East with the laws of physics and the nature of human development.



William Prothero

Vice President
Former Professor at University California Santa Barbara

Bill Prothero has had forty years experience doing both Earth science and educational research. His research activities have been in ocean floor seismology, studies of earth structure beneath volcanoes, and the creation and evaluation of learning environments supported by internet technology. Bill is dedicated to making a difference in the consciousness of humanity with the environment and each other. His personal time is spent developing new educational software, playing jazz and riding his bike.


Pat Linton:


Former CEO North Kohala Community Hospital

Pat Linton is currently serving as the Founding Executive Director of the new Seward Community Health Center in Seward, Alaska.  Pat and Catherine met years ago when he came to North Hawaii to design, construct and open a prototypical hospital that blended allopathic and complementary medicine within a total healing environment in collaboration with Earl Bakken (inventor of the pace maker and Co-Founder of Medtronic).  Pat has served in a number of senior leadership positions throughout his career and been dedicated to improving personal and community health in holistic ways through all of these endeavors.

His mission can be summed up by his quest to bring together his professional interests in health care leadership and his personal interests in spiritual growth through their common goal of healing.  By creatively applying what he has explored and learned, his hope has been to better contribute to the good of all in the communities he serves.


Hui  of Educators, Professionals, Parents Advisors 

images-1Susie Jones M.A: Originator and Co-Creater of  WTM Physical Education Educator/Administrator Hawaii Preparatory Academy





  • Esther Hughes M. Ed.: CSSS RT Comprehensive Student Support System Resource Teacher, Hawaii Department of Education
  • Jody Lubrecht Ph.D.: Consulting Clinical Psychologist
  • Doug Connors: Grant Writer, Laupahoehoe Train Museum
  • Donna Rohr M.A.: Drama and Physical Education Instructor/ Parker Elementary School