*Movement is defined not as mechanical but a poetic art of arts in the biology between body, mind and breath.  This movement is the very nature that improves the awareness of “who” the child to them selves and each other. The awareness to this  sensorial garment (Collary Discharge)  improves behavior and expands perception.
The primary intention of this type of movement* program supports and enriches the precious commodity BORN IN THE SENSORY BODY that gives  guidance to one’s gifts, strengths, and talents from the  heart.   The second intention is to adapt the  mind, body and heart into the culture  of cognitive development  used in schools and upbringings.
Lessons combine the elements of sensory motor and neuromuscular reeducation, or how the body works with the mind through fun games. Programs enhance the natural instincts of how the brain and heart learn together  the uniqueness of  each child,  Different then an exercise these tools  stand the test of time.

Mission Statement

Wellness Through Movement® programs are dedicated to enriching the well-being of children’s authentic nature in the areas of self-care, performance and potential
learning from the body-to-brain .

Programs Objective

  • To raise the level, depth, and breadth of public dialogue and awareness on core issues of children’s life challenges.
  • Enhance awareness of the body connections to brain by developing a clearer and deeper
    sense of inner awareness of patterns influencing behavior and mindset through neuromuscular re-education movement .



…are based on the innate reflexes, motion and attention. Development movements established and missing  reveal insights to behavior.  

Lessons show how embodied cognition  is a character of sensation in the body shaping the mind’s perception.  The more self-aware the more engaged and effective the learner.  Integration from awareness of proprioception to cognitive function stimulates  ambition, self-regulation and responsibility.  This type of self-awareness fuels the drive to be creative and also a critical thinker. The sense of belonging and being accepted is already strongly enforced between peers, but respect for each other differences is also more acceptable with proprioception awareness.

Lessons organically adapt to the moment.    Awareness to physical sensations to thinking fine-tunes choices.  What  feels essential to  needs and  potentials negotiate with what the body can do and not do.

For example action, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling and seeing are all sensations in the body-configurations of sensation. Children discover how sensation negotiates with attention and character to pick out choice of action.   This isn’t understood intellectually, it is understood because if feels good.


 to lessons is  self discovery. Wellness Through Movement lessons are based biological directives  already in place and how these biologically  urges relate to a given environment.  Lessons use primal and developmental movements wired into patterns without demonstrating the movements.   With supportive directives according to a child’s response.  Lessons develop organically with the child by holding the intention  self-discover of physical influences guide attention.  This means no demonstrating or mirroring movements.

Our secret

…is to teach dual attention, attention within and to “out there.”  Information from both body and brain creates the  two-way highway of learning.  Awareness  of how sensations  gives a child a clearer understanding of their feelings.  The physical sensations become guides in expressing internal conditions.   Children think 90% through sensation but they are unaware of sensation.  When they pay attention to sensation they can communicate what is happening that is getting in the way of learning.

Humans are born with infinite possibilities.  These possibilities depend on the  dynamic patterns  that integrate between the brain, body and heart. We are born balls of sensation ready to learn yet unable to  know how to walk, talk or reason until we experience situations that inspire us.



Being Fully Human

We don’t get in the way of nature; we fuel nature through awareness.  Movement responses are used  to understand the internal sense of perception. Expression reveals awareness is already established and what is missing.  To center and strengthen character we must work with what are both functional and  in awareness with what is dysfunctional and out of awareness.  Together these patterns of motion explain behavior of the brain and senses to perception.