Why Body Awareness?

“By learning to work with sensations you get better at working with thoughts and sensations.”

Catherine Kerr Ph.D.



A Teacher and Student Training Lesson

Teacher and student training will begin with a whiteboard animation video available for broadcast in schools to be announced.   Fun and informative tips  will capture  children’s attention and explain the foundational lesson of  Wellness Through Movement:

No Place Like Home Breath,”   a mindfulness lesson from the body to the brain.

Research backing mindfulness lessons and how they have improved grades and behavior will be covered in the video.  See Blog for more information.



Mindfulness Lessons From the  BODY to the Brain

“How can I learn to listen to my body and understand what is right for me?”

Front Cover

Completely Revised

A New SENSORY Self-Awareness

Body-to-Brain Communication

Authored by
Catherine Rosasco Mitchell

Part I – A New SENSORY Self-Awareness Body-to-Brain Communication  introduces how to build the bridge from the  feeling sensation of the body to thinking. This dynamic and interactive series of twelve lessons shows participants how to feel the influence their bodies have on thinking and feeling. The program is designed to improve awareness, in-classroom management, and school culture. Participants learn how to shift perception from outside to inside by enhancing a clearer sense of self and their relationship with others. An array of self-observing techniques using breath, sound, and movement promote awareness of mental, emotional and physical interconnections. A New Sensory Self Awareness helps lives change.

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Wellness Through Movement Program was created by 
North and South Kohala Hawaii community
and Catherine Rosasco Mitchell, Feldenkrais practitioner.

The primary intention of the movement program first and foremost is to support the precious commodities of our children’s enthusiastic nature. Lessons combine the elements of fun, sensory motor and neuromuscular reeducation in movement games to embrace the uniqueness of each child and give tools to stand the test of time.

Mission Statement

Wellness Through Movement® programs are dedicated to enriching the well-being of children’s authentic nature in the areas of self-care, performance and potential
learning from the body-to-brain .

Programs Objective

  • To raise the level, depth, and breadth of public dialogue and awareness on core issues of children’s life challenges.
  • Enhance awareness of the body connections to brain by developing a clearer and deeper
    sense of inner awareness of patterns influencing behavior and mindset through neuromuscular re-education movement .