Movement that is Life

 Learning is movement.
This “movement” isn’t just mechanical motion it introduces us to life.   “Sensory and motor circuits don’t just feed cognition.  THEY ARE COGNITION” (Scientific America Mind, 2011).


Movement forms sensorimotor patterns.

Sensorimotor patterns forms function and development.

Development and life’s circumstances form perception,

and perception forms consciousness.



Program’s primary focus is to support and enrich learning regardless of condition, or health.  We teach from the nature of behavior through the subtle body, or sensorimotor systems. The secondary focus is to introduce the fundamental nature hidden from the mind of  how we learn, change and heal…

…especially in children.  Children Get IT!

Children are still innocence enough to have  infinite possibilities available.

The sensory body (SB) is really to a child.  Just point their attention inward and they’ll understand their feelings,  how they listen and when they can’t. Self-direction becomes second nature.   The SB system is the physicalness of perception, and yet though so subtle children between 4-8 years-of-age feel it.

We bridges between mind and body, so each child  learns the uniqueness of who they are, and an authentic undeniable in the sense of the body.  

Mission Statement

Wellness Through Movement® programs  enrich the well-being of children’s authentic nature of a gifted sense that improves self-care, performance and potential.

Programs Objective

  • To raise the level, depth, and breadth of public dialogue and awareness on core issues of children’s life challenges, and how to support them versus get in the way.
  • Through sensorimotor reeducation children enhance awareness of their body connections to thinking thus develop a clearer and deeper sense of patterns influencing mindset.



Teach a child not all answers come from “out there” and they’ll be a happier person inside.

  • Combine sensorimotor and neuromuscular re-education (based on the Feldenkrais Method) into physical, educational games. The movements are not just for exercise, flexibility or weight lost this movement is about life and how the brain and body work together. Check inside to physical sensation, and children clarify how they are perceiving and how to communicate to their peers and caretakers.  These insights lay out a carpet of active participation and the child’s way of understanding.  The best part of the process is if used in daily life the child’s nervous system continues to improve character and physical health.


  • Give participants the experience of embodied cognition, and the character shaping perception.  The more someone experiences this oneness the more engaged and effective the learner.  Ambition, self-regulation and responsibility are woven into each lesson.   As self-awareness expands it fuels creativity and critical thinking.  Respect for oneself and others is embraced with compassion because this sense connects the mind to the heart.


  • Lessons are alive, spontaneous and organic adapting moment-to-moment circumstances and reactions.    Awareness to physical sensations compare to what the body actually feels to what the mind thinks it feels. This experience is not an intellectual process of understanding from the head but serves as a window to the self and one’s relationship with others.


Dramatic Results



Our Secret

Learning from Inside Animation Video

For ages 4- 9 years-of-age

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